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Job Specification Manual
Position Title
Specification Number
Accountant22119Business Office
Accounting Clerk I71111Business Office
Accounting Clerk II71213Business Office
Accounting Clerk III71315Business Office
Accounts Payable Supervisor22416Business Office
Activity Aide 650991 OLD SCALEN/A
Administrative Assistant21119 Superintendent
Administrative Assistant for Education20N/ASuperintendent
Administrative Secretary ( Abolish Position-Position no longer needed76111Superintendent
Alternative School Dorm Parent823STIPENDN/A
Alternative School Relief Dorm Parent82399STIPENDN/A
AppleCare Technician/Video Conference Administrator17318Technology
Applications Development Project Manager16921Technology
Artist/Educational Materials Developer75117Curriculum Bilingual
Asbestos Abatement Planner/Bethel Preventative Maintenance Supervisor(Abolished Postion24319Plant Facilities
Assessment Specialist237N/AN/A
Assistant Director of Personnel14621 Personnel & Student Services
Assistant Director of Plant Facilities/Capital Projects16221 OLD SCALEPlant Facilities
Assistant Graphic Artist75412Curriculum Bilingual
Assistant Maintenance Mechanic7849Plant Facilities
Assistant Site Administrator50N/AN/A
Assistant Social Worker26514Personnel & Student Services
Assistant Social Worker (Bachelors Degree)27616Personnel & Student Services
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum12N/ASuperintendent
Assistant Superintendent of Business Office, Plant Facilities & Capital Projects21N/ASuperintendent
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources & Student Services122N/ASuperintendent
Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Programs131N/ASuperintendent
Associate Teacher I (Board eliminated this position, except grandfathered in)6118N/A
Associate Teacher II (Board eliminated this position)61210*N/A
Associate Teacher III61312*N/A
Associate Teacher IV58313N/A
Associate Teacher V58414N/A
BABS / YUUT Residential Hall Parent / Manager290$1500 Stipend/Month for one Parent/ManagerBABS/YUUT Elitnaurviat
Bethel Facilities Manager16320Bethel facilities maintenance program.
Bethel Schools Instructional Technology Specialist62914N/A
Bilingual/Yup'ik Folklore Coordinator257N/AN/A
Boarding Programs Administrator279N/A 
Boat Operator/Fisheries Specialist - SUMMER ONLY 2849919 OLD SCALEN/A
Bus Driver69218Student Services
Business Manager3025* Old ScaleSuperintendent
Capital Projects / Major Maintenance Construction Inspector14219Capital Projects
Capital Projects / Major Maintenance Project Manager I14420Capital Projects
Capital Projects / Major Maintenance Project Manager II14721Capital Projects
Career & Community Development Specialist256N/AN/A
Career Counselor261N/AN/A
Carpenter77614Plant Facilities
Chapter I Staff Development Specialist115N/AN/A
Clerk Typist7696N/A
College & Career Ready Coordinator 18Department of Academic Programs (Secondary Education)
College & Career Ready Lead Coordinator17620Department of Academic Programs (Secondary Education)
Communications Specialist I 14ATAI
Community Service Worker663998 OLD SCALEN/A
Community Volunteer Coordinator18910 
Comptroller13021 Business Office
Computer Laboratory Aide6306N/A
Computer Laboratory Supervisor61414N/A
Computer-Assisted Instruction Specialist215N/AN/A
Contracts Administrator28120Capital Projects
Coordinator of Bilingual Curriculum236N/AN/A
Coordinator of Information Technology17521N/A
Coordinator of Special Education255N/AN/A
Coordinator of Yup'ik Studies254N/AN/A
Curriculum Specialist230N/AN/A
Data Center Manager16821Technology Assisted Instruction
Daycare Aide 1916 Day Care Center
Daycare Supervisor19012Superintendent
Dean of Students120N/AN/A
Director of Capital Projects and Major Maintenance 14324* Old ScaleCapital Projects
Director of Curriculum/Bilingual Education128N/AN/A
Director of Elementary Education149N/A 
Director of Information Technology125N/A 
Director of Operations and Student Activities25N/ASuperintendent
Director of Personnel & Student Services133N/ASuperintendent
Director of Plant Facilities/Capital Projects14124*OLD SCALESuperintendent
Director of Secondary Education124N/AAcademic Programs
Director of Special Education127N/A 
Director of Staff Development/Special Programs123N/A 
Director of Yup'ik Studies121N/A 
District Safety Coordinator82221Superintendent
Dormitory Parents (Married Couple)81016 Old ScaleN/A
Early Childhood Coordinator598Negotiated 
Early Childhood Home Visitor I6016N/A
Early Childhood Home Visitor II5998N/A
Early Childhood Regional Leader60010N/A
Early Childhood Site Leader6029N/A
Early Childhood Site Leader I I60410N/A
Education Specialist513N/AN/A
Education Specialist I513N/AN/A
Electrical Administrator25120Plant Facilities
Electrical Specialist (Plant Facilities)24419Plant Facilities
Electrician77414Plant Facilities
Electronic Records Clerk/Receptionist7706N/A
Employee Benefits Technician22614Payroll/Benefits
English Language Leader232N/AN/A
Executive Director of Yuut Elitnaurviat-People’s Learning Center132N/AN/A
Facility Worker (Plant Facilities/Supply)7856Plant Facilities
Food Service Helper 8594Food Service
Food Service Helper II (Bethel Only)8586Food Service
Food Service Logistics Technician (Bethel only) 8Food Service
Food Service Manager23919Food Service
Food Service Specialist24017Food Service
Food Service Technician22914Food Service
Grant Specialist150NEGOTIATEDCurriculum Bilingual
Graphic Artist75217Curriculum Bilingual
Graphic Designer (Print & Multimedia Production) (Abolished Position-No Longer Needed)74616Curriculum Bilingual
Graphic Production Technician (Abolished Position-No Longer Needed)74710Curriculum Bilingual
Graphic Supervisor74519Curriculum Bilingual
Health Education Staff Development Specialist258N/AN/A
Heating and Control System Specialist24519Plant Facilities
Instructional Coach N/AN/A
Intensive Needs Aide I6358Special Education
Intensive Needs Aide II 63610Special Education
Internal Audit Assistant (Abolished Position-No longer Needed)71512Business Office
Interpreter for the Deaf w/o DOE waiver60814Special Education
Interpreter for the Deaf with Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA) Score of 4.0 or Better61018Special Education
Inventory Control Technician (Abolished Position-No Longer Needed)22814Business Office
Itinerant Academic Success Coach 17Migrant Ed
Itinerant Counselor259N/AN/A
Itinerant Literacy Leader512N/AN/A
Itinerant Network Technician63014Technology
Job Training Student Worker I970Minimum Wage $11.73/hr.N/A
Job Training Student Worker II973N/AN/A
Job Training Student Worker III974N/AN/A
Job Training Student Worker IV975N/AN/A
Job Training Student Worker V976N/AN/A
Job Training Student Worker VI977N/AN/A
Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Instructor (Non - Commissioned Officer)605N/AN/A
Kitchen Manager I8518Food Service
Kitchen Manager II85412Food Service
Kusko Migrant Specialist17419 Old Scale Curriculum Bilingual
Laborer961994 OLD SCALEN/A
Language Development Specialist231N/AN/A
Lead Bus Driver69120Student Services
Lead Carpenter77519Plant Facilities
Lead Custodian9117N/A
Lead Social Worker273N/APersonnel & Student Services
Lead Teacher521N/AN/A
Lead Warehouse Person73214Business Office
Library / Media Specialist171N/AN/A
Library Aide6704N/A
Library Aide II6718N/A
LKSD Custodian Supervisor 14n/a
LKSD Dorm Parent826$1600 stipend/month for 1 parentLKSD Residential Programs
LKSD Residential Student Supervisor8258LKSD Residential Programs
LKSD School Dorm Parent824STIPENDN/A
Mail Clerk7888Business Office
Maintenance Mechanic I78314Plant Facilities
Maintenance Mechanic II78617Plant Facilities
Materials Developer I75912Curriculum Bilingual
Materials Developer II76014Curriculum Bilingual
Materials Developer/Trainer (Abolished Position-No Longer Needed)75319Curriculum Bilingual
Mechanical Administrator25020Plant Facilities
Media Aide (Abolished Position-No longer Needed) 7436Technology
Media Center Assistant (Abolished Position-No longer Needed 2839Technology
Media Technician (Graphics)74114Technology
Media Technician (Production)74014Technology
Media/Library Specialist I74314N/A
Media/Library Specialist II74417N/A
Media/Library Technician73917Technology
Migrant Education Tutor 6068N/A
Migrant Family Liaison/Recruiter60712Migrant Ed
Native Education/JOM Student Activities Specialist (Abolished Position-No longer Needed22719Personnel & Student Services
Network Manager16721Technology
Non-Instructional Aide6484 N/A
Nurse (BSN or Practitioner)81319N/A
Nurse (LPN)81214N/A
Nurse (RN)81116N/A
Outdoor School Activity Coordinator - SUMMER ONLY 6189917 OLD SCALEN/A
Outdoor School Activity Leader - SUMMER ONLY 6179910 OLD SCALEN/A
Outdoor School Cultural Instruction Specialist - SUMMER ONLY 6629917 OLD SCALEN/A
Outdoor School Safety & Maintenance Specialist - SUMMER ONLY 6169916 OLD SCALEN/A
Painter92119TPlant Facilities
Payroll & Accounting Manager21721Business Office
Payroll / Benefits Supervisor 21418Payroll / Benefits
Payroll Clerk I7218Payroll/Benefits
Payroll Clerk II7229Payroll/Benefits
Payroll Clerk III72311Payroll/Benefits
Permanent Substitute Teacher58210N/A
Personnel Supervisor13617Personnel & Student Services
Personnel Supervisor II13719Personnel & Student Services
Personnel Technician22214Personnel & Student Services
Plant Facilities Manager 16121Superintendent
Plumber/Utilities Specialist24619Plant Facilities
Power Plant Specialist Apprentice ( Abolished Position - No Longer Needed25214Plant Facilities
Preschool Aide I6404N/A
Preschool Aide II6416N/A
Preschool Leader I64611N/A
Preschool Leader II64714N/A
Preventative Maintenance Program Supervisor24819Plant Facilities
Professional Development Specialist I19214As assigned
Professional Services Specialist219N/AN/A
Program Leader 64512N/A
Project Director151N/AN/A
Purchasing Agent78216Purchasing
READING TUTOR TRAINER (Abolish Position-No Longer Needed62412N/A
Recreation / Academic Aide6838N/A
Recreation Assistant - SUMMER ONLY 682998 OLD SCALEN/A
Registrar I29117Instructional Programs
Registrar II 29218Instructional Programs
Registrar II 27517As Designated
Regulatory Compliance Officer28621Plant Facilities
Remote Water System Supervisor79019Plant Facilities
Residence Hall Manager 28913N/A
Residence Hall/Dorm Director288Negotiated 
Residential Supervisor (Day-Time)82711LKSD Residential Programs
Residential Supervisor (Night-Time)82612LKSD Residential Programs
School Psychologist268N/AN/A
School Safety Officer82014N/A
School Social Worker267N/APersonnel & Student Services
School to Work Specialist274N/AN/A
School/Community Advocate2359N/A
Secretary I7669N/A
Secretary II76510N/A
Shift Manager2967Theater
Site Administrative Secretary76413N/A
Site Administrator41N/A 
Site Community Education Coordinator680996 OLD SCALEN/A
Site Counselor Paraprofessional27910N/A
Site Library/Media Coordinator555N/AN/A
Site Technology Specialist I62510N/A
Site Technology Specialist I I 62613N/A
Site Technology Specialist I I I62816Technology
Social Worker I26618Personnel & Student Services
Social Worker II26720Personnel & Student Services
Special Education Bus Driver 6439919TSpecial Education
Special Education Itinerant Teacher550N/AN/A
Special Education Specialist - Emotional Disturbances263N/AN/A
Special Education Specialist - Multi Disabilities272N/AN/A
Special Education Specialist - Occupational Therapist180N/AN/A
Special Education Specialist - Physical Therapist233N/AN/A
Special Education Specialist - Speech / Language Pathologist262N/AN/A
Special Education Specialist - Vision Program514N/ASpecial Education
Special Education Specialist / Deaf - Hard of Hearing 270N/AN/A
Speech/Language Associate Teacher I (Abolish Position -Does not meet NCLB requirement6378Special Education
Speech/Language Associate Teacher II (Abolish Position-Does not meet NCLB requirements63810Special Education
Speech/Language Associate Teacher III63912Special Education
Staff Accountant22317Business Office
Staff Accountant II29419 
Staff Development Specialist II19316As assigned
Student Activities Coordinator234N/AN/A
Student Helper - NO HS DIPLOMA / GED REQUIRED97199Minimum Wage $11.73/hrN/A
Student Helper II - NO HS DIPLOMA / GED REQUIRED (Theater Only)2989 TemporaryN/A
Student Records Technician22514N/A
Student Records Technician II (SPED Only)29316Special Education
Substitute Assistant Maintenance Mechanic789999 OLD SCALEN/A
Substitute Bus Driver69324* temporary scaleN/A
Substitute Clerk767994 OLD SCALEN/A
Substitute Cook853997 OLD SCALEN/A
Substitute Custodian 913996 OLD SCALEN/A
Substitute Food Service Helper860994 OLD SCALEN/A
Substitute Intensive Needs Aide I642998TN/A
Substitute School/Community Advocate 9 TEMPORARY PAYSCALE 
Substitute Shift Manager 16 temporary scaleN/A
Substitute Teacher Aide634996 Temporary PayscaleN/A
Substitute Teacher I 5809919 Temporary PayscaleN/A
Substitute Teacher II5819914 Temporary PayscaleN/A
Substitute Teacher III585N/AN/A
Substitute Theater & Concessions Floor Staff 10 temporary scaleTheater
Supply Assistant7877Business Office
Surrogate Parent 2876 Temporary Special Education
System Analyst - Applications Systems22020Technology
System Analyst: Email Networking21620Technology
System Analyst: Web Page21620Technology
TAI Help Desk Technician28510N/A
Teacher (Special Education)511N/AN/A
Teacher Aide III6338N/A
Technology Assisted Instruction Coordinator170N/AN/A
Technology Assisted Instruction Specialist28218N/A
Temporary Teacher Aide6318T ($13.46 hourly)N/A
Theater & Concessions Floor Staff2974Theater
Theater Manager29513Theater
Theater Security29912Theater
Time Out Room Student Supervisor61514N/A
Traditional Cultural Specialist - NO HS DIPLOMA / GED REQUIRED6619917 OLD SCALEN/A
Translator/Yup'ik Literacy Trainer75717N/A
Transportation Aide6904 Old Scale N/A
Travel Technician and Student Activities Assistant 17215Human Resources & Student Services
Tutor621996 OLD SCALEN/A
Video / Audio Conference Scheduler (Abolish Position-No longer Needed)2786Technology Assisted Instruction
Vocation Education Coordinator126N/AN/A
Warehouse Person78110Business Office
Webmaster ( Abolish Position - No longer Needed)62717Technology
Welder (Abolished Position-No longer Needed)92014Plant Facilities
Work Based Learning Instructor / Supervisor61914N/A
Work Order Scheduler24916Plant Facilities
Yup'ik First Language Associate Specialist75814N/A
Yup'ik First Language Program Specialist238N/AN/A
Yup'ik Studies Specialist21819Curriculum Bilingual
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