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Job Specification Manual
Position Title
Specification Number
Last Update
Accountant22119Business Office1/24/2020
Accounting Clerk I7119Business Office 
Accounting Clerk II71211Business Office11/3/2020
Accounting Clerk III71313Business Office 
Accounts Payable Supervisor22414Business Office11/3/2020
Activity Aide650-991 OLD SCALEN/A 
Administrative Assistant21119Superintendent 
Administrative Assistant for Education20N/ASuperintendent 
Administrative Secretary76111Superintendent 
Alternative School Dorm Parents823STIPENDN/A 
Alternative School Relief Dorm Parent823-99STIPENDN/A11/3/2020
Artist/Educational Materials Developer75117Curriculum Bilingual 
Asbestos Abatement Planner/Bethel Preventative Maintenance Supervisor24319Plant Facilities 
Assessment Specialist237N/AN/A 
Assistant Director of Personnel14621Personnel & Student Services 
Assistant Director of Plant Facilities/Capital Projects16221 OLD SCALEPlant Facilities 
Assistant Graphic Artist75412Curriculum Bilingual 
Assistant Maintenance Mechanic7849Plant Facilities 
Assistant Site Administrator050N/AN/A 
Assistant Social Worker26514Personnel & Student Services 
Assistant Social Worker (Bachelors Degree)27616Personnel & Student Services 
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum012N/ASuperintendent 
Assistant Superintendent of Business Office, Plant Facilities & Capital Projects021N/ASuperintendent 
Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Programs131N/ASuperintendent 
Assistant Superintendent of Personnel & Student Services122N/ASuperintendent 
Associate Teacher II61210*N/A 
Associate Teacher III61312N/A 
BABS / YUUT Residential Hall Parent / Manager1$1500 Stipend/Month for one Parent/ManagerBABS/YUUT Elitnaurviat 
Bilingual/Yup'ik Folklore Coordinator257N/AN/A 
Boat Operator/Fisheries Specialist - SUMMER ONLY284-9919 OLD SCALEN/A 
Business Manager3025*OLD SCALESuperintendent 
Capital Projects / Major Maintenance Project Manager I14420Capital Projects 
Capital Projects / Major Maintenance Project Manager II14721Capital Projects  
Capital Projects/Major Maintenance Construction Inspector14219Capital Projects  
Career & Community Development Specialist256N/AN/A 
Career Counselor261N/AN/A 
Carpenter77614Plant Facilities 
Chapter I Staff Development Specialist115N/AN/A 
Clerk Typist7696N/A 
Community Service Worker663-998 OLD SCALEN/A 
Community Volunteer Coordinator189101 
Comptroller13021Business Office 
Computer Laboratory Aide6306N/A 
Computer Laboratory Supervisor61414N/A 
Computer-Assisted Instruction Specialist215N/AN/A 
Contracts Administrator28120Plant Facilities 
Coordinator of Bilingual Curriculum236N/AN/A 
Coordinator of Library/Media Services171N/AN/A 
Coordinator of Special Education255N/AN/A 
Coordinator of Yup'ik Studies254N/AN/A 
Curriculum Specialist230N/AN/A 
Daycare Aide1916 Day Care Center 
Daycare Supervisor19012Superintendent 
Dean of Students120N/AN/A 
Director of Academic Support149N/AN/A 
Director of Capital Projects & Major Maintenance 14324* Old Scale Capital Projects 
Director of Curriculum/Bilingual Education128N/AN/A 
Director of Information, Technology and Restructuring125N/A1 
Director of Plant Facilities/Capital Projects14124*OLD SCALESuperintendent 
Director of Special Education127N/AN/A 
Director of Staff Development/Special Programs123N/A1 
Director of Yup'ik Studies121N/A1 
District Safety Coordinator82221Superintendent 
Dormitory Parents (Married Couple)810161 
Early Childhood Coordinator598Negotiated1 
Early Childhood Home Visitor I6016N/A 
Early Childhood Home Visitor II5998N/A 
Early Childhood Regional Leader60010N/A 
Early Childhood Site Leader6029N/A 
Early Childhood Site Leader II60410N/A 
Education Specialist513N/AN/A 
Electrical Administrator25120Plant Facilities 
Electrical Specialist (Plant Facilities)24419Plant Facilities 
Electrician77414Plant Facilities 
Employee Benefits Technician22614Payroll/Benefits 
English Language Leader232N/AN/A 
Executive Director of Yuut Elinaurviat-People+s Learning Center132N/AN/A 
Facility Worker (Plant Facilities/Supply)7856Plant Facilities 
Food Service Helper8594Food Service 
Food Service Manager23919Food Service 
Food Service Specialist24017Food Service 
Food Service Technician22914Food Service 
Grant Manager27517Curriculum Bilingual 
Grant Specialist150NEGOTIATEDCurriculum Bilingual 
Graphic Artist75217Curriculum Bilingual 
Graphic Designer (Print & Multimedia Production)74616Curriculum Bilingual 
Graphic Production Technician74710Curriculum Bilingual 
Graphic Supervisor74519Curriculum Bilingual 
Health Education Staff Development Specialist258N/AN/A 
Heating and Control System Specialist24519Plant Facilities 
Internal Audit Assistant71512Business Office 
Interpreter for the Deaf w/o DOE waiver60814Special Education 
Interpreter for the Deaf with Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (eipa) Score of 4.0 or Better61018Special Education 
Inventory Control Technician22814Business Office 
Itinerant Counselor259N/AN/A 
Itinerant Literacy Leader512N/AN/A 
Job Training Student Worker I970N/AN/A 
Job Training Student Worker II973N/AN/A 
Job Training Student Worker III974N/AN/A 
Job Training Student Worker IV975N/AN/A 
Job Training Student Worker V976N/AN/A 
Job Training Student Worker VI977N/AN/A 
Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Instructor605N/AN/A 
Kitchen Manager8518Food Service 
Laborer961-994 OLD SCALEN/A 
Language Development Specialist231N/AN/A 
Lead Carpenter77519Plant Facilities 
Lead Custodian9117N/A 
Lead Social Worker273N/APersonnel & Student Services 
Lead Teacher521N/AN/A 
Lead Warehouse Person73212Business Office 
Library Aide6704N/A 
Mail Clerk7888Business Office 
Maintenance Mechanic I78314Plant Facilities 
Maintenance Mechanic II78617Plant Facilities 
Materials Developer I75912Curriculum Bilingual 
Materials Developer II76014Curriculum Bilingual 
Materials Developer/Trainer75319Curriculum Bilingual 
Mechanical Administrator25020Plant Facilities 
Media Aide7436Technology 
Media Center Assistant2839Technology 
Media Technician (Graphics)73914Technology 
Media Technician (Production)74014Technology 
Media/Library Technicain 74117Technology 
Native Education/JOM Student Activities Specialist22719Personnel & Student Services 
Nurse (BSN or Practitioner)81319N/A 
Nurse (LPN)81214N/A 
Nurse (RN)81116N/A 
Outdoor School Activity Coordinator - SUMMER ONLY618-9917 OLD SCALEN/A 
Outdoor School Activity Leader - SUMMER ONLY617-9910 OLD SCALEN/A 
Outdoor School Cultural Instruction Specialist - SUMMER ONLY662-9917 OLD SCALEN/A 
Outdoor School Safety & Maintenance Specialist - SUMMER ONLY616-9916 OLD SCALEN/A 
Painter92119TPlant Facilities 
Payroll & Accounting Manager 21721Business Office 
Payroll / Benefits Supervisor21417Payroll / Benefits 
Payroll Clerk I7218Payroll/Benefits 
Payroll Clerk II7229Payroll/Benefits 
Payroll Clerk III72311Payroll/Benefits 
Permanent Substitute Teacher58210N/A 
Personnel Supervisor13616Personnel & Student Services 
Personnel Technician22214Personnel & Student Services 
Plant Facilities Manager16121Superintendent 
Plumber/Utilities Specialist24619Plant Facilities 
Power Plant Specialist Apprentice25214Plant Facilities 
Preschool Aide I6404N/A 
Preschool Aide II6416N/A 
Preschool Leader64611N/A 
Preschool Leader II64714N/A 
Preventative Maintenance Program Supervisor24819Plant Facilities 
Program Leader64512Curriculum Bilingual 
Project Director151N/AN/A 
Purchasing Agent78214Purchasing 
Recreation / Academic Aide6838N/A 
Recreation Assistant - SUMMER ONLY682-998 OLD SCALEN/A 
Regulatory Compliance Officer28620Plant Facilities 
Remote Water System Supervisor79019Plant Facilities 
Residence Hall Manager28912N/A 
Residence Hall/Dorm Director288Negotiated1 
School Psychologist268N/AN/A 
School Safety Officer82014N/A 
School to Work Specialist274N/AN/A 
School/Community Advocate2359N/A 
Secretary I7669N/A 
Secretary II76510N/A 
Site Administrative Secretary76413N/A 
Site Administrator041N/A1 
Site Community Education Coordinator680-996 OLD SCALEN/A 
Site Library/Media Coordinator555N/AN/A 
Site Technology Specialist I62510N/A 
Site Technology Specialist II62613N/A 
Site Technology Specialist III62816Technology 
Social Worker I26618Personnel & Student Services 
Social Worker II26720Personnel & Student Services 
Social Worker II - Certified267CN/APersonnel & Student Services 
Special Education Bus Driver64319TSpecial Education 
Special Education Itinerant Teacher550N/AN/A 
Special Education One to One Aide I6358Special Education 
Special Education One to One Aide II63610Special Education 
Special Education Specialist - Emotional Disturbances263N/AN/A 
Special Education Specialist - Multi Disabilities272N/AN/A 
Special Education Specialist - Occupational Therapist180N/AN/A 
Special Education Specialist - Physical Therapist233N/AN/A 
Special Education Specialist - Speech/Language Pathologist262N/AN/A 
Special Education Specialist - Vision Program514N/ASpecial Education 
Special Education Specialist / Deaf - Hard of Hearing270N/AN/A 
Speech/Language Associate Teacher I6378Special Education 
Speech/Language Associate Teacher II63810Special Education 
Speech/Language Associate Teacher III63912Special Education 
Staff Accountant22316Business Office 
Student Activities and Travel Technician17214Personnel & Student Services 
Student Activities Coordinator234N/AN/A 
Student Records Technician22514Curriculum Bilingual 
Substitute Assistant Maintenance Mechanic789-999 OLD SCALEN/A 
Substitute Clerk767-994 OLD SCALEN/A 
Substitute Cook853997 OLD SCALEN/A 
Substitute Custodian913996 OLD SCALEN/A 
Substitute Food Service Helper860994 OLD SCALEN/A 
Substitute Special Education One on One Aide I642-998T1 
Substitute Teacher Aide634994 OLD SCALEN/A 
Substitute Teacher I580998 OLD SCALE N/A 
Substitute Teacher II5819911 OLD SCALEN/A 
Substitute Teacher III582-99N/AN/A 
Supply Assistant7877Business Office 
Surrogate Parent2876 TemporarySpecial Education 
System Analyst: E-Mail-Networking21620Technology 
System Analyst: Web Page21620Technology 
Teacher (Special Education)511N/AN/A 
Teacher Aide II6326N/A 
Teacher Aide III6338N/A 
Technology Assisted Instruction Coordinator170N/AN/A 
Technology Assisted Instruction Specialist28218N/A 
Time Out Room Student Supervisor61514N/A 
Title 1 / Migrant Education Outreach Aide6036N/A 
Traditional Cultural Specialist - NO HS DIPLOMA / GED REQUIRED6619917 OLD SCALEN/A 
Translator/Yup'ik Literacy Trainer75717N/A 
Transportation Aide6904N/A 
Tutor621996 OLD SCALEN/A 
Video / Audio Conference Scheduler 2786Technology Assisted Instruction 
Vocation Education Coordinator126N/AN/A 
Warehouse Person78110Business Office 
Welder92014Plant Facilities 
Work Based Learning Instructor / Supervisor61914N/A 
Work Order Scheduler24916Plant Facilities 
Yup'ik First Language Associate Specialist75814N/A 
Yup'ik First Language Program Specialist238N/AN/A 
Yup'ik Studies Specialist21819Curriculum Bilingual 
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